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47 Days
That Changed America

A new book by Bob Krouchick

"A front row seat to the financial meltdown."

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Book Reviews

...his views are refreshing because he strives to have an honest dialogue about the election. There’s none of the us-versus-them vitriol that has pockmarked the conservative and liberal debate; Krouchick seeks to offer real solutions to all Americans...

47 Days That Changed America serves as an accurate snapshot of a moment in history; preserving the mindset of a populace and capturing the everyday details of an American life about to change. One hopes that after the books written by loud-mouthed pundits are in the remainder bins of bookstores, 47 Days That Changed America remains a historical source, as well as a reminder of the events that changed a nation.
ForeWord Clarion Review   Four Stars (out of Five)

This book is written from the heart and one which every middle-class American can relate to. This is the first time that I felt someone really understood the deep fear and uncertainty about the future experienced during the fall of 2008. A thought-provoking and insightful read.
Deb D. - Delaware

A captivating account that chronicles the days leading up to the 2008 presidential election beginning with the start of one of the worst recessions in American history. Each day leaves you with thought provoking and decisions that were being made that may change the American way of life forever. An honest middle-class American's view and concerns for the future of this great country. A very interesting read.
John M. - New York

First book about the 2008 Presidential election and economic crisis that speaks to what was going on in the lives and minds of the middle-class American. Kudos to the author for the interesting and relatable perspective.
Dave W. - New Jersey

A thought provoking look at how the decisions of a few powerful people have permanently affected the lives of every middle class American. To understand the events, during the fall of 2008, leading up to the elections, this book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand what happened, and who was responsible.
Gary A. - Pennsylvania

As the events of 2008 unfolded, I often wondered how the backbone of America, the middle-class, felt about the economy, the country, and the election. 47 Days That Changed America provides a great insight into how a middle-class American feels about the challenging event of the time. It was a fascinating and enlightening read.
Steve W. - Delaware

A book that grabbed me in the first few pages. It was fascinating to revisit the dark days of fall 2008 with someone who felt the same confusion, fear and doubt about America's future that I experienced. Well worth reading.
Maryanne D. - New Jersey

Bob Krouchick embodies the American dream. He is more than an observer; he has been a witness and an active participant. Readers wanting to understand a successful middle-class perspective of what’s happening around us need to start here. So do current and aspiring politicians -- or they risk missing what really matters to the concerned, responsible citizens who are essential to our country’s future success.
Philip C. - Connecticut

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47 Days That Changed America

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