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47 Days
That Changed America

A new book by Bob Krouchick

"A front row seat to the financial meltdown."

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The 2008 Presidential Election & The Great Recession

The Campaign

A fascinating perspective on how the 2008 presidential race unfolded, while the country was going through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Understand the uncertainty and angst about the future of America experienced by the middle-class voter.

The Economy

How does the middle-class feel and think about retirement savings evaporating, home values collapsing, job uncertainty, bank failures, government bailouts, and an election of a new leader occurring during this time period?

The Middle-Class

What will resonate with the middle-class in this election? Will there be a single issue that dominates? Will long established perceptions change? What will prompt a middle-class voterís decision?

The Voter

Get inside the mind of the middle-class voter as he navigates the chaos and turmoil of those 47 days. Share his perspective and observations as he tries to make sense of it all and figure out how to cast his vote in this once in a lifetime election that changed America.

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47 Days That Changed America

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