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47 Days
That Changed America

A new book by Bob Krouchick

"A front row seat to the financial meltdown."

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About Book Author Bob Krouchick

Financial Services Industry Experience

Bob has over twenty-five years experience in the financial services industry. He holds both bachelorís and masterís degrees from LaSalle University in Philadelphia. He is a certified public accountant.


Mr. Krouchick has been married to his wife Helene since 1981, and they have five children. They live in Pennsylvania, in the same house they have lived in since 1982. Bob and his family enjoy traveling and spending time together.

His favorite hobby is coaching basketball, which he has done for over twenty years. His commute to New York City precludes him from coaching currently, but his fantasy is to some day coach a high school basketball team. He was born in Philadelphia and is an avid Philly sports fan, and he also has a passion for the Penn State Nittany Lions.

Writing The Book

Bob has always enjoyed writing but has never authored a book. The historic nature of this election piqued his interest, and his frustration over his company being effectively taken over by the government and his concerns over where the country was headed drove him to put pen to paper.

The financial crisis intensified after September eighteenth, and Bob felt a need to discuss how this economic meltdown affected middle-class Americans like himself. Bob enjoyed writing this book and hopes you find it interesting, entertaining, and real.

  Bob Krouchick & family
The Krouchick family at the Rialto Bridge in Venice

Bob Krouchick & family
The author and his family at the ruins of Pompeii

47 Days That Changed America

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